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Day[9] 30-Day Project!

Dear all,

Recently Sean “Day[9]” Plott announced his 30-day project challenge. I’m super excited about this, since this provides an extra bit of motivation to tackle a particularly tricky problem. In addition, this is also an incentive to update my blog a bit more regularly.

Thinking about what to do, I considered working on the expansion to my game Albedo. However, since the expansion is already very far along in the development, I feel that this would be against the spirit of the challenge. At least against the spirit of the challenge the way I perceive it.

The next idea was to do a simple re-theme of my game Das Katastrophenspiel set in the e-sports realm with prominent people from the Day[9] community. This would have been too simple and not create much value.

So instead I am aiming to take one of my more complex games that is at the idea stage and design it to the point that I have a very rough prototype ready. Before Das Katastrophenspiel, I designed 5 other board games (A super hero game, a secret agent game, a vampire game, an Age of Torridan game, a simplified 4x game), but they were always ripped to shreds by my play test group. Now that I’ve actually completed a few projects, I feel it is the right time to dive back into more complex games, since both Das Katastrophenspiel and Albedo are quick filler games, but I would love to add something else to my portfolio.

Here is a rough breakdown of the project:

Description: Designing a medium complexity board game from the idea stage to the first prototype (alpha).

Week1: Learn how to use Tabletop Simulator (TTS)

Week2: Work on the design (cards, mechanics, events, etc.)

Week3: Continue with the design, but also port it over to TTS

Week4: Test & Iteration


All the best,


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