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#31 Worldbuilders 2013

Well met, my friends!

Right now, Patrick Rothfuss‘s annual charity worldbuilders is running. I’m writing some of the things from memory, so A) take everything I write here with a grain of salt and B) do check out Patrick Rothfuss’s worldbuilder’s blog and the worldbuilders website.

The funds raised by the worldbuilders charity are immediately donated to the actual charity, which is Heifer International. They are giving animals and plants to families in need in third world countries with the stipulation that some of the wealth generated by those animals is spread within the local community. According to the extensive FAQ of worldbuilders most of the money collected by Heifer International is spent on helping people with only a low percentage going to overhead and operational cost.

The nice thing about donating via Patrick Rothfuss’s worldbuilders site is that for every 10$ you’re entered in a lottery for a chance to win (mostly) books and other cool stuff. In addition to that, Patrick Rothfuss donates a lot of time, energy and also money to the charity: when he started it some six years ago, he pledged that he would double the amount raised in that year and he did not have a disclaimer “up to x dollars”, so in the end his fans raised 55000$ and he donated 55000$ on top of that. Also, every year he is running auctions where people donate their time to read and critique the manuscript of aspiring / emerging writers. Those charity auctions are running right now. Last year I was the highest bidder on all of those auctions for the fraction of a second it took everybody else to latch onto them. Just to give you an idea of the final figures, in 2011 Matt Bialer’s “will read and critique the first 20k words” auction made 1500$ and in 2012 it made 4550$. Patrick Rothfuss’s “I will read and critique your novel” fetched 3550$ in 2011 and 6500$ in 2012. So, just like last time, I will probably be outbid long before the auction ends, but these auctions are nevertheless very exciting.

May worldbuilders exceed last year’s donation total and hopefully Heifer’s efforts will do good.

Pursue your dreams and see you next time,


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