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#35 Day[9] Meetup March 2014

Well met, my friends!

I just came back from the Day[9] meetup at the Hae Jang Chon Korean BBQ. Repeating the ritual of the first meetup, we went to the dessert place Haus afterwards (thanks for the coffee and waffle, Sean!). Again, I did not manage to tell my story of how I almost got mugged in London or about that funny night out on my UK road trip in 2011, but since the conversation developed into other directions there wasn’t a good opportunity to share it. In general I’ve found once more that I am a lot better in one on one situations than I am in group conversations. For example, I met up with Michael, who organized the meetup (again, thanks for that!), for lunch and we had a good time talking about anime, computer games, game design and other topics until we met up with Jeff and Melanie later on (EDIT: Where we also had a good time – but I was a lot quieter then, by contrast).


However, at the BBQ I took myself back and faded into the background, mostly listening and only interjecting a comment here and there.


From left to right (I apologize for any misspelled names): Travis, Heather, Kevin, Jimmy, Melanie, Michael (in front of Melanie), Sean, Brit (in front of Sean), Jeff, Jason, Evanne, Kai, Kevin, Chris, Ross.

At the BBQ, Sean greeted me with “Good to see you again. How is the book going?” I was pleased that he remembered my novel, since I brought a copy for him. It’s still in the raw alpha stage, but I am convinced that with the feedback from my alpha (and later beta) readers, I can shape it into something worthwhile and entertaining. That said, I hope Sean and my other alpha readers do get some enjoyment out of the book in its current incarnation.

Of course I’m still not ritzy enough to justify flying in for dinner and dessert, so I actually arrived in the USA a week ago and went on a little vacation. I’ll have a blog up with the highlights from that California trip, soon. Nonetheless, just like last time, this was the highlight of my vacation – it was really great to meet everyone (or meet again in case of one third of the attendees) and hopefully I’ll see you all some other time (MLG Annaheim, perhaps?).

Until then,

pursue your dreams and see you next time,


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