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#34 This year’s schedule

Well met, my friends!

With a few exceptions, my schedule looks similar to last year’s. Next month I’m going to Los Angeles again to meet up with the Day[9] community just like last May. However, on this trip I won’t be going to Las Vegas. Instead, I’ll get a rental car and drive to San Francisco and neighbouring cities.

A trip to Las Vegas is still in the cards for May, when Lindsey Stirling, whom I’ve seen in June 2013, is performing there.

Unfortunately these events are all spaced out, so I will be flying to the USA yet again in June for Vidcon.

The dates of World Con and Gamescom collide. Since I had a good time at Gamescom last year, I’ll probably attend it this year as well.

As usual, in October I will be at Spiel’14.

These are the dates that are fixed at the moment. If there is anything cool going on that isn’t too far away and won’t use up too many days, let me know.

Pursue your dreams and see you next time,


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