#55 Heroes Wanted! (Updated 5th of September 2016)

UPDATE: Thanks to all the people, who came through to help out, I received enough pictures to finish the layout on Sunday the 4th of September 2016. Today (Monday, 5th of September 2016) I sent the PDF file to the printer, so no more pictures are needed.


Well met, my friends!

I have recently invented two board games, one of which even survived the rigoros playtests. At the moment I’m preparing the game for production to be shown at SPIEL 2016.

I am in the middle of designing the layout of the cards, but I thought it would be awesome to have people I know fill the ranks of the playable hero characters.

Who wants to be a hero (in my game)? Step right up! All I need is a digital passport photo and the inevitable legal stuff (see the contract files below). For that reason, even though I am posting this on my blog, I will only accept photos from people that I personally know.

Here is a German version of the contract and an English version of the contract. In addition to the image file, I would need two dated and signed printouts of the contract where you have filled in the yellow section with your details.

Thanks in advance,

pursue your dreams and see you next time,


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