#33 Gamesäge Episode 009 Betrayal at House on the Hill

Well met, my friends!

Here is the short – well, short-ish, it’s still at eight and a half minutes, even though people keep telling me that five minutes is the youtube threshold – review of the board game “Betrayal at House on the Hill”.

It’s not my usual kind of game, as it has several issues. However, the game has a high cool factor and contains some wacky ideas, for example those sliders on your five sided character sheet to denote stat improvements or the two scenario books to provide different pieces of information to the different players. There is a downside to those two scenario books as well: everyone, who plays, needs to be an experienced gamer, since the traitor cannot ask anyone else for rule clarifications and must be familiar with gamer lingo. Nevertheless, it’s certainly a great game that everybody should pick up.

Pursue your dreams and see you next time,


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