#29 Hearthstone beta

Well met, my friends!

In yesterday’s episode of gamesäge, I’m having a look at Blizzard’s latest game Hearthstone, which is currently in the beta test stage.

Although it is technically a card game, it uses the advantages of being on a computer quite well: Some of the spells assign damage to random targets. This could also be done in a card game with lots of dice rolling, but having the computer do this automatically for you is quite convenient. It also allows for things like transforming a character into a frog and then recalling that character back to your hand: All of a sudden the cards in your hand also include a frog card, which previously didn’t exist. Two immediate improvements in comparison to magic the gathering are that you don’t have to rely on drawing land – in Hearthstone your available mana always increased by one per turn up to a maximum of ten. The other improvement is that there are no interrupt spells, which means that you can play through your entire turn without having this chess-clock situation that arises in the computer version of magic the gathering. It’s annoying to time out, simply because you did not see that you have the option to interrupt your opponent’s play and the program is waiting for your reaction.

Overall I quite like Hearthstone. Hopefully it’ll be a big success post release and won’t fade out too quickly. If all goes well, I’ll have a board game episode up, before doing another computer game review.

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