#26 Rachel Bach’s Fortune’s Pawn

Well met, my friends!

A few years back I was interested in how many words per day people (both professional authors and hobbyists) are writing. My google search led me to Rachel Aaron’s blog “How I Went From Writing 2,000 Words a Day to 10,000 Words a Day”, which contains some fantastic pieces of advice. I also recommend reading another of her blog posts called “How I Plot A novel in 5 Steps”.

Curious about her professional works, I checked out the sample chapters of her book Spirit’s End. Unfortunately I exposed myself to some spoilers, but I bought all five books in the series nonetheless, instead of just reading the final installment. Currently I am on book two, but am very much looking forward to the final installment due to that awesome excerpt.

Her latest book “Fortune’s Pawn”, which will be released on the 5th of November 2013, is a departure from the fantasy genre. As far as I understood it, it’s a science fiction story with the unusual approach of not having a villain. Of course that doesn’t mean that it’s a book about nothing, I’m sure there are other obstacles and points of conflict to keep the reader entertained and to move the plot forward. When you look at the cover, you’ll notice that it says “Rachel Bach” instead of “Rachel Aaron”: in order to differentiate between her light hearted fantasy books written as Rachel Aaron, her publisher deemed it better to use a different name for her science fiction novels. I wouldn’t have handled it that way, as I believe in a uniform brand identity – this is also the reason why I did not use my youtube channel from 2006, but started a new one with the name kaiherbertz. But what do I know, perhaps keeping genres separated does serve the purpose of not alienatíng readers.


Anyway, right now Rachel Aaron / Bach is running a contest to win her book “Fortune’s Pawn”. The details can be found in her blog post. Since I am going to buy the book on release anyway, I plan to put the signed book, should I happen to win one, into my treasure chest as a miscellaneous prize to be won when I run a contest sometime in the future.

You can find Rachel Aaron / Bach on her website, her blog and her twitter account.

Pursue your dreams and see you next time,


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