#21 Gamesäge episode 002

Well met, my friends!

Getting the video up on time was a bit of a problem this time around. The video itself was plagued by numerous false starts – at least I should have enough material for a bloopers / outtakes video.

After I cut it with Windows Life Movie Maker, I noticed that on my desktop computer I could only save it as a .wmv file. I uploaded that on youtube, which took about an hour, but then I noticed that there was a black border around the video. So I had to delete it, go to my laptop and save the video as .mp4

Unfortunately something went wrong and the last few seconds of the video were missing. I then updated the Windows Life Movie Maker on my desktop and reuploaded. The whole process took till 1 in the morning, but since I started the upload on Sunday, I maintain that I wasn’t late :P

So, as mentioned last time, I am taking a look at the game Citadels in this episode of Gamesäge (pronounced “game sage”).

The next video will probably be about Race for the Galaxy.

Pursue your dreams and see you next time.

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