#19 Gamesäge episode one!

Hi all,

I’ve finally joined the ranks of youtubers – I used to have a channel under a different name since 2006, but I did not upload any videos. For recognition purposes I’ve decided to use www.youtube.com/kaiherbertz as my main channel.

However, the show is called “Gamesäge”, which is pronounced “game sage”. Every week I will review one of my favourite games. In addition to merely reviewing it, I’ll have a closer look at the underlying mechanics. Thus, the name gamesäge has a sort of double meaning – it’s an odd spelling of the words game sage and also the word “Säge” is German for “saw”. With my metaphorical saw, I shall cut open the games and look inside to find out what makes them work.

Let me know what you think of the first video and tune in next week on Sunday when I will have a closer look at the game citadels.

Pursue your dreams and see you next time!

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