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Dear all,

as some of you know, I’ve lived in London from 2006 to 2011. I have the fondest memories of my time in the UK, especially since a lot of my good friends are living in London. Thus, I always like to go back as often as I can.

During summer, the student halls in London usually rent out their rooms to tourists. The new semester is about to start, so I seized the last opportunity for this year and rented a room at international hall from Friday the 6th of September till Wednesday the 11th of September. I had to endure a lot of criticism for the breakfast when I showed people this picture, but it tastes better than it looks:


The only problem of coming back to London is organizing the meet ups: it seems that either nobody has time or everyone has time on the exact same day! Fortunately this wasn’t the case on this trip. Things worked out surprisingly well, even though a week before going, I had only heard back from one person. In the end I had nine possible time slots – Friday evening and then noon and evening on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, as I had to leave early on Wednesday – and managed to fill seven of those. As I told some of the people, I did feel loved. Thank you all for making the time to hang out!

In particular, I enjoyed meeting up with Donna Marie Howard, who was very encouraging about pursuing one’s hobby projects. To quote my favourite 1980s cartoon: “Hang on to your dreams, the future is built on dreams.”

On Monday, after meeting another good friend of mine for lunch, I visited my old university Imperial College London. On one of the bulletin boards I saw this flyer. Good to know that e-sports is alive and well.


In London I found out that my old video camera is no good, so last Friday I bought a new one. I have yet to record a good video, but it’s only a matter of time. I hope to have an announcement by the end of the week :)

All the best,


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