#10 Meeting the Day[9] community

On the 18th of May, I flew to London to hang out with friends, but left for Las Vegas on the 20th of May. I can see why people, who don’t play cards, tell me that Vegas is only interesting for a day or two. However, if you are playing poker, it’s great fun. Tournament poker can be a cruel game sometimes, so by mid thursday my profits amounted to an impressive two dollars…

That said, I am fairly happy with how I played. Besides, the most important thing is to enjoy the time spent, which I did, with winning merely being a plus.

On Friday the 24th of May I flew to Los Angeles and met up with some people from the day[9] community for korean BBQ. I actually made the mistake of walking all the way from my hotel near USC to where the BBQ place was – one and a half hours and some sun burn later, I arrived at the place, the Haejangchon Korean BBQ.


Since it was still early, I continued walking around the city a bit, stopping at coffee shops and fast food places to A) get something cold to drink, B) cool down inside an airconditioned place and C) use the free wifi there to check facebook and twitter. I did manage to go all the way to the walk of fame, but took the subway to go back. No way I am walking again.

When I got to the place at 17:45, it was packed. There were a few people sitting outside and one of them looked familiar, so I asked him “Are you Chris by any chance?” Fortunately he was and so I had just found the early arrivals of the day[9] group. By the way, if you do not know who day[9] is: He is a celebrity shoutcaster / commentator / video producer, mostly known for his involvement in starcraft with his webshow, called the “day9 daily”, running Monday to Friday. A good introduction to what he does is the often quoted daily #100. He has also got over 150k followers on twitter – for reference, as of writing this, Boris Becker is shy of 200k followers.

Anyway, we chat a bit and eventually everyone gets there, including Sean “day[9]” Plott himself.


Despite having a reservation, we still had to wait and were then spaced apart on several tables. The place is just that busy, which means that it is pretty damn good. Originally Megumixbear, another Starcraft celebrity, was supposed to join us, but alas her car broke down. Ah well, maybe next time. Here is a picture of me with some of the other attendees. Funny thing, at this table we’re two computer scientists, one electrical engineer, one aerospace engineer and one physicist.


I’m not exactly sure what the thumbs down was about, as everyone had fun and the food was great as well.


Here is a close up of what the barbecue looks like, although this was the more exotic stuff. We had “normal” types of meat, too.


The crux of being the guy with the camera is that you don’t get too many pictures with yourself. For a while Sean joined our table and we ended up talking about various stuff – I bothered him with my excitement about the new XCOM and my work in progress. To my surprise, he said something to the effect of “Oh yeah, send me a draft when you’re done.” The first draft isn’t even ready and then it’s going to take a while until a half way decent, polished version is finished, but I’ll take it at face value and have added him to my list of beta readers :)


After the BBQ we headed over to “Haus” for dessert and talked some more about all sorts of things.


This went on till about 22:30 and then Michael, who actually organized the meeting (thanks for that!), me, Jeff, Andy and Alex still lingered and talked for another hour. Jeff and Andy kindly gave me a ride to my hotel. All in all a fantastic evening with great food and awesome people. Definitely the highlight of my USA trip so far.

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2 thoughts on “#10 Meeting the Day[9] community

  1. kobayshimaru May 28, 2013 at 04:02

    Nice meeting you! Hit me up if your around Santa Monica. Also see you online if you play on the NA server.

    • kaiherbertz May 28, 2013 at 11:10

      Alas, I don’t play on the NA servers. In fact, I haven’t played HotS multi player at all so far. After making it to platinum during the last days of WoL, I figured I’d stop while I was ahead…
      But likewise, let me know if you ever make it to the Düsseldorf/Bonn/Cologne area.

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